Friday, August 31, 2007

Diverticulitis Diet Is Being Introduced In My Household

I've decided to start a site on diverticulitis. My mom, who lives with us, has recently been diagnosed with this disease. There is NO cure.

As I read the various studies...I see controversy. One thing they all agree on, is the fact that low fiber in a person's diet is the main culprit in developing this disease.

My mom likes to eat too many processed foods. Such as: each morning she has powdered donuts. She eats no lunch but snacks on candy and chips. For supper, she prefers things like hot dogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

I've told her were are going to have to change her eating habits. With this site, I will be sharing my mom's story. I am also going to share various foods that are acceptable on a diverticulitis diet. I will also share various research I do, doing comparisons. I will also show different studies done on diverticulitis...showing how they are alike and different in their results.

Perhaps a diverticulitis diet will help me lose weight. (Fingers Crossed)



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