Friday, September 7, 2007

Diverticulitis.....Can It Cause Death?

I always said, "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything." I remember years ago, when I was sitting in the coffee shop in my little town. There was a big table in the center of the resturant which everyone called the "farmer table." It wasn't necessarily farmers that sat there, but it was always men.

The reason that particular day stands out in my mind, there was a rather wealthy (older) real estate man sitting there talk with the group. He said, "I'd give every dollar I have away, if I could just get my health back." (It never happened and he died a few months later)

I'd like to remind everyone not to take their health lightly. Diverticulitis has been known to kill over 3,000 people EVERY year!! Over 10% of Americans over the age of 40 have diverticulitis. As we get older, the condition becomes more common.

Millions of Americans may not even know they have diverticulitis because they chalk it up to indigestion. The American diet is so processed, stripping foods of enzymes and nutrients, that poor eating habits compound the problem.

Other factors that may contribute to the problem are:

1. Gallbladder Disease
2. A family history of the disease
3. Coronary artery disease
4. Obesity

The bottom line is.....go see your doctor if you're not feeling well. It may be more than just a stomach ache.



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