Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why Do We Get Diverticulitis When We Get Older?

It seems our lives are so fast paced we take short-cuts and easy methods when it comes to eating. The increase intake of processed foods has lead to an increase in diverticulitis. We set ourselves up for this starting at a young age. It's much easier to run by a fast food place and grab something than it is to find the time to fix a proper meal. This becomes a way of life for so many people. It is rarely seen in people under the age of 30 but common in people over 60.

People often have this disease but never have any symptoms. Hmmmm....Perhaps that is why it is diagnosed later in life.

It's easy to understand how this happens when we get older. Often times older people end up living alone. Health problems will arise that makes it harder for them to get around thus making them more sedentary. With no one to cook for but themselves, it is often easier to grab something easy (processed foods) and forget about the recommended daily food groups. When we are young, we are too busy to cook properly. When we get old....we have developed such bad eating habits, it's hard to change.

In my mom's case, she loves her powdered donuts every morning. I usually can't get her to eat any lunch.(she's never hungry) There is no way I can't get all the required food groups served to her at supper time. Since she won't take any type of vitamins, I'm supplementing her diet with Ensure. She likes the vanilla flavor. You can download a coupon for a free sample here. I can get her to drink that as a snack during the day and in the evening.

She hasn't had an attack in quite sometime. Along with adding the Ensure to her diet, I've got increased her exercising...nothing strenous or prelonged. We walk around the yard and down the hill to the mail box each day.

We are all different. This is what works for mom. What has helped prevent you from another diverticulitis attack?