Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Sister ... I Worry About Her

While my husband and I were gone for a week, my sister flew in to be with my mom. She was here for a few days before and after our trip. She is so so thin. She eats like a bird. She got false teeth about a year ago and they don't fit properly. She says that is part of the reason she just doesn't eat. The stuff she uses to keep them in place dries out her mouth and that also makes it hard for her to eat.

She only goes to the bathroom about every 10 days. She has such a hard time and she is in so much pain for a few days before she goes. I'm afraid she has the signs of having diverticulitis. She is 54 years old so is definetly a likely candidate.

I tried talking with her about the disease and it's symptoms but it fell on deaf ears. All I can do is keep talking to her and hope she'll listen before she ends up in the hospital.

She just doesn't realize diverticulitis can be very serious. I'm two years older, so like older sisters do, I'll keep harping on her until she listens.



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