Saturday, September 15, 2007

Diverticulosis...Is It Hereditary?

The fact is if you are over 60 there is a good possiblity you'll develop diverticulosis. It's actually a 50-50 chance. (I know how my luck runs) But if you're younger and think you don't have to worry for many better think again. Studies have shown diverticulosis may be partly hereditary. That means it's possible for people in their twenties to be effected with digestive problems just like the older folks.

If you don't have diverticulosis, then you are lucky. If you do have diverticulosis, you need to try and prevent an attack. In both cases with or without diverticulosis, you need to stick to a diet that includes plenty of NATURAL fiber from whole foods.

Diverticulitis has been on the rise because of the increased consumption of processed foods that are a stripped of their natural fiber. Next time you think about having a Twinkie or donut....grab an apple or some grapes instead.
Adding fiber to one's diet is good for you as well as tasting good. It's just a matter of changing your habits.



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